Mission and Vision

Why Hydro?

Hydropower has specific characteristics that make it especially advantageous to operations such as mines and factories, as well as communities, even in remote locations: 

It is

Hydropower is the most productive source of renewable energy. Hydroelectric energy also saves scarce and non-renewable fossil fuels.


Hydropower plants convert a much higher percentage of the energy in falling water into electricity energy than fossil-fueled power plants.

It is

Hydropower plants emit no waste gases that can contribute to global warming. No trucks, trains or pipelines are needed to transport fuel to mines or power plant sites.

It is

Machinery is simple and can run at slow speed.

It is

Machinery is robust and adaptable to a large range of operating conditions.

Africa Hydro has the vision to unleash Africa’s riches by supplying electricity.

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Our Vision

Africa Hydro recognizes the overwhelming need for electricity in Africa. Not only for existing or potential mines and industries on the continent, but also for the many areas and communities who live without electricity every day.

We see Africa’s potential, and our vision is to start at the most essential part of giving people hope. To supply electricity is the starting point for more industries to follow, jobs to be created and communities to begin to thrive and be self-sufficient. We want to bring a vision of hope, upliftment and empowerment to all people in Africa.

Our mission is to identify potential hydro sites, initiate extensive feasibility studies and manage the identified projects from the beginning to the installation and handover, to ensure maximum electricity supply to the communities and industries in those area.

Therefore, Africa Hydro has the vision to unleash Africa’s riches by supplying renewable electricity.